Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The day I caved...Erin Condren TLP

So last year I spent $8 on my lesson planner. Not gonna' lie, I felt pretty wonderful after making that purchase. I grew up being taught to be wise with my money...as I will continue to teach my kiddos when we start a family. However, last year my planner was already ripping and falling apart by Christmas. It wasn't cute but I kept telling myself I saved money with that purchase. (Woohoo!)

However...this summer I caved. I decided I was going to use some of my gift cards from teacher appreciation week (love my AVA families!) to go towards an Erin Condren Teacher Life Planner. Yep, I said it...Erin Condren. My crazy self was going to purchase a $60 planner. Don't judge until you continue reading. I decided it back in June when there was a 25% off deal and started looking. I found the perfect one and decided I would ask my husband first if it was okay before I ordered it. My sweet boy gave me the green light so I logged back in to my account only to find out that they pulled everything offline to create the updated version. I about cried so I emailed them hoping that the 25% off could still be added to my purchase when they were going to open it back up again in July but they emailed back saying they couldn't but they wanted to give me $10 towards my account because of the inconvenience. WOW! I know that may not seem much but I was blown away by their willingness to take care of their customers. I was appeased and THEN when they opened up the site again in July, I went back to customize the TLP again only to find out that they offered ANOTHER 25% off the entire original purchase along with a free gift of "colorful date dots". 

Y'all...I paid $15 dollars TOTAL for my Erin Condren Teacher Life Planner. This young, budget conscious teacher has a happy heart! 

Thank you, Erin Condren!! ❤️

If you too are thinking you're crazy, but still want to dive into the Erin Condren world, follow this link and you will automatically get $10 off your purchase! AND you will put another $10 on my account when you purchase. Yay!

Do it. Now. ;)

xoxo Rachel 

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