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Ok, so my Momma and I used to argue if I was 4' 11" or 5' tall. I obviously begged to convince that I am 5' and that is what I claim today. However, my fifth graders are still taller than me. One thing I did agree with my Momma about was her love for teaching and influence. I went to school to be an athletic trainer and God changed my heart during my first semester and I ended up in the Elementary Education Department. Couldn't have made a better change! :)

I married my stud of a man on June 20th, 2014 and couldn't be more blessed with spending life with him. I lived in sweet Georgia for 21 years before we got in a big 'ole truck and moved West to the Colorful Colorado! Climbing Pikes Peak is on our list for the summer...CAN'T WAIT!

A few fun facts about me:

* God sent Jesus to save ME and YOU! I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am today if it weren't for His grace and guidance. My goal is to let His love shine through my life.

* I LOVE the beach...it's probably my favorite thing in the world.

* Softball was my first love. My Daddy got me into softball as early as he could and it became a huge part of my growing up years. It didn't stop there though. I played softball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. I ended up playing college soccer for 3 years and became a NATIONAL CHAMP with my team in 2013!
* Rajon Rondo is the man. Point Guard inspiration during his prime.

*I'm the baby of the family. I didn't know how to make frozen pizza or macaroni until I was 12 years old.....shhh, don't tell anyone :)

* I just love sweet tea and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Did I mention coffee??

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you find something that you can take back to your classroom and use! :)

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